John 14:1 ESV

Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.

The Solution to a Troubled Heart
Those were dark hours that night before the Lord was betrayed, abused, tortured, and ultimately crucified. In a very short time the world of the eleven disciples was going to collapse into unbelievab...
What Are You Worried About?
Some of us lie awake at night worrying about family members, being on operations, health, finances or a thousand other things. Worry can show up in lots of different ways. It eats away at our minds&
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled! - Jack Hibbs
Jesus tells us not to worry right before prophesying about end-time events in John 14:1-3.
Why I'm Not Afraid of the Future by R Tuttle
Eschatology = The Study of the End Times 2 views = literal or non literal view of prophecy 1,239 prophecies in Old Testament / 578 prophecies in New Testamen...

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