1 Timothy 5:23 ESV

(No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.)

Total Abstinence and Church Membership
Total abstinence may be the best way to treat alcohol today, but it should not be a requirement for church membership.
Is Drinking Alcohol a Sin?
Alcohol consumption is permissible and can be a blessing, but it is also fraught with dangers.
Should Christians drink alcohol?
The person who consumes alcohol walks a very fine line between freedom and sin, responsibility and carelessness, liberty and abuse
Dirty Water, Prohibition, and the Bible
Does the Bible prohibit drinking alcohol? Did people in Bible times drink wine just because there was no clean water? Learn the answers.
Pastoral Sobriety
When was the last time you sat down and evaluated your testimony? Not the story of how the Lord saved you, but the daily testimony of your life. What does your life say about your faith, your knowled...
Prepare for Suffering Now
Personal suffering should not surprise us (1 Peter 4:12). The Bible not only promises it, it also teaches us how to squeeze as much Christ-exalting meaning out of our suffering as we can. John Piper explains.
Is it OK to smoke or drink occasionally?
Is having an occasional alcoholic drink once in a while all right if you don't get drunk? How about the occasional use of marijuana and cigarettes?
1 Timothy Chapter 5 Verses 23 - 25
Bible Study Guides, Greek-to-English Translations, Video Index and HQ Video Lessons available at http://www.truebiblestudy.com 1 Timothy 5:23-25 23 Drink no ...
Keep Looking Up - August 29, 2018
Pastor Joel Logan Philemon Keep Looking Up Tabernacle Baptist Church: https://tbc.sc/
Alcohol Kills your DESTINY.MOD
To drink a glass of Wine or BEER as a Christian is not that bad (sometimes recommended for Medical reasons...1 Timothy 5: 23) but when you get DRUNK, the Bib...
3 Can we Justify Sin
Scripture has much to say regarding the drinking of alcohol (Leviticus 10:9Open in Logos Bible Software (if available); Numbers 6:3Open in Logos Bible Softwa...
What does the Bible say about Alcohol?
Subscribe! This video provides different passages in which the Bible mentions wine or alcoholic drinks. It also discusses what the Bible says and what God co...

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