Genesis 2:7 ESV

Then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.

Does human life begin at our first breath? |
Genesis 2:7 describes the beginning of the first human life in Adam, not the way all subsequent human lives begin. The Bible teaches that our lives began in the womb.
The Breath of Life
References to breath or breathing are frequent in the Bible, with many allusions to God as the giver of breath (and life) to man and animals.
What Does it Mean to be Human? - 7. Genesis 1 and 2 on mankind
Drawing on recent scientific arguments including evolutionary explanations of morality and the latest experiments in neuroscience, as well as his own experience as a medical doctor and lay&
Abortion: Is It Really a Matter of Life and Death?
Life begins at fertilization, and all human life is precious and made in the image of God.
The Simple Steps That Made Us Human
No doubt this video from the BBC will be viewed by thousands of people and will only instill in them the myth that humans evolved from ape-like creatures.
From Dust to Dust
Both secular science and the Scriptures state that man was formed from dust. What is the difference, and why is it important?
A Christian view on abortion - Abortion in the Bible
Few topics cause as much debate, controversy, emotion and rhetoric as the question of abortion. What does it say about abortion in the Bible?
In the Beginning (high definition video)
Explores what human beings were like when God first created us and placed us in the Garden of Eden.
Defending History: Temporal Reasoning in Genesis 2:73:8
Creationist studies are replete with discussions of Genesis 1:12:3 and 5:289:29, but Genesis 2:43:24, has remained largely untouched.
Message: The Making of Man (Genesis 2:4-17)
Last night I sat in the airport of Guatemala City, working on the final stages of this message. Facing me on the wall was a large mural, depicting life among the ancient Mayan Indians. As I sat in that fascinating country, under the shadow of great volcanoes which had been rumbli...
Does Genesis 2:7 "living soul" support abortion? What does the Bible say?
One of the most commonly cited Bible verses to support abortion is Genesis 2:7 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his ...
Fed by the Word : EP02 - The Lord God Formed Man from Dirt (Genesis 2: 7)
Everyday we are packed with an unending list of tasks. By the end of each hectic day, we forget to remember God, and His heavenly plan for us. Listen to Alex...
My God Is... Life-Giver | Genesis 2:7
Join us this year as Marian Jordan Ellis teaches through the character of God in our new series, My God Is! Each week she will teach a different attribute o...

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