Proverbs 23:23 ESV

Buy truth, and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding.

The Insanity of Leaning on Our Own Understanding
When we choose to lean on our own understanding, we act as if we are smarter, wiser, and more authoritative than God.
The Suppression of Truth
The Gospel Paul preached is a revelation of the righteousness of God (Romans 1:17). It is a revelation of God Himself, and particularly of His character and justice. Man, made in God's image ...
Use Your Money to Grow Your Character
We like to spend money on comfort, but the Bible teaches that it is wiser to invest in character. God wants us to take some of our money and invest it in ourselves  in & Continue reading Use Your Money to Grow Your Character
Assaulting the Nature of Truth
Words matter to God. After all, they are His chosen means of communication. He doesnt bring people to a saving knowledge of Himself through mystical, subjective experiences. He has spoken clear, obj...
Blog Post - Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim It!
When we consider Romans 6, (along with other passages in the New Testament) , the truth of our redemption will not only fill our hearts with joy ...
Once Saved, Always Saved?
Listen to a discussion about eternal security and youll eventually hear this question: Are you saying that since were secure as Christians, we can do whatever we want to? Its the once saved, al...

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