Jeremiah 17:5 ESV

Thus says the LORD: Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the LORD.

What Will You Do When the End Comes?
If you will not have God as your treasure, you will have him as your enemy.
Every Day Might Be His Last: Drinking from God in the Drought of Suffering
If we will trust God, the heat of hardship can drive us deeper into his sustaining and refreshing grace.
Talking About Man-Boys
Man-boys arent first and foremost struggling with being men, but with being human.
Message: To Whom Shall We Go? (Jeremiah 16-17)
In these studies in the book of Jeremiah we have been watching the death of a nation. The kingdom of Judah slowly has been falling apart under the infection of evil which had spread across the face of this land, from the king down to the common people. It has been heading toward ...
5 Ways to Find Joy in a Job You Dont Love
The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ
What does the Bible say about insecurity?
What does the Bible say about insecurity? How can overcome feeling so insecure all the time?
Depending on God
We would do well to never forget our total dependence on God, even when it seems our own resources will suffice.
How I Make Too Much of Man and Too Little of God
by Hope Johnson Its 1:00 a.m., and a familiar fear keeps me awake. I reach for my phone for the 15th time, checking to make sure that my alarm clock is actually set. In college, I only worried about sleeping in on exam days. But now that I have a real job, I find myself &
Trust in Jehovah Vs. Trust in Man (Jeremiah 17:5-8)
Sermon preached at Faith Protestant Reformed Church by Rev. Clayton Spronk on March 1, 2015. References: Jeremiah 17:5-8:
In Whom Do You Trust? - Jeremiah 17:5-10
Pastor Steve Carr, Assistant Pastors and Guest Speakers. Topical Bible Studies.
Sermon - Jeremiah 17:7 "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord..."
Sermon - Jeremiah 17:7 "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord..." We are not to be controllers, but encouragers. It is not up to us to control and domina...
Blessed Is The Man Who Trusts In The Lord (Jeremiah 17:7-8)-Thought For The Day-July 22, 2017
"...Blessed Is The Man Who Trusts In The Lord, And Whose Hope Is The Lord..." - Jeremiah 17:7-8
Jeremiah 17:6-17:27 | Rich Jones Subscribe To Watch More: Thank you for watching. God bless you and your fam...

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