Luke 6:31 ESV

And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.

Touching Lives in the Workplace
Most adults spend half of their waking hours at work. For better or worse, what goes on there leaves an indelible mark.
Here's How You Can Actually Change Your Workplace's Culture
I have an entire room at my housea library, really, he told us. On one wall, Ive got biographies. The whole wall from floor to ceiling, all biographies of important
Letting Go: The Right Way to Fire Someone
Letting someone go is not easy or comfortable, and it should never be your first option. Like hiring, there are components to firing someone that still treat them with dignity, compassion and generosity.
How to Shine Your Light for Christ
What does 'being a light' mean, and how do you do it?
By Rev. G. Van Reenen - Third Millennium Ministries
Article from RPM Volume 11, Number 48
4 Ways to Unify Your Team
People don't naturally unify; they must be led to do so. And that starts by showing your team that you care. Here are a few ways to begin.
How to Become a Great Leader
Leadership qualities can be learned no matter what your personality may be. Here are 20 principles to inspire you to embrace the leader within.

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