Psalms 121:8 ESV

The LORD will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.

Safe In Gods Care
President Franklin D. Roosevelt loved the song we call the Navy Hymn. It was sung at his funeral in Hyde Park, New York, on April 14, 1945. The words of the hymn were written in 1860 by William Whi&
Heading off on holiday? Here are 9 Bible verses to read before you go
Along with our sun cream, shades and travel sickness tablets, as Christians, one form of protection that we should also ensure we value is God\'s. It doesn\'t matter how far you go from home, He stays with you every step of the way.
8 Bible verses to assure you that God really is watching over you
Knowing that God was watching over him gave Jacob great confidence and in the same way being aware that God\'s eye is on us should give us the confidence to extraordinary things in His name. Let these Bible verses reveal to you the watchful nature of your Father in heaven.
What God Says to Your Tears
God will not reproach you for the tears you shed as you walk through the ruins of our broken world. But he will dry them all one day.
Dr. Bruce Waltke - Biblical Training
Craigie, Peter C. Psalms 150 (Word Biblical Commentary, vol. ...... 135:5; 145:3 ; 150:2), unending in his knowledge (Pss 40:6; 104:24; 139: 17; 1 Sam ...... One's first impression is that the Jews were much more vindictive and vitriolic than the ...
GRAVITY and GLADNESS - Redeemer's Grace Church
ship you, for your righteous acts have been revealed. REVELATION 19:68 ...... Suppose we postulate an omnipotent be- ing who, for reasons inscrutable to us, ...
Things Not Seen  PDF
119. Jonathan and Power. 20 When It Seems Like God Did You Wrong. 125. Naomi and ..... Jacob was perplexed, but knew he had no choice. The men circled twice, ...... I've been working on this psalm. ...... When Fear Attacks 169 impending ...
Reflections on The Psalms - Grace thru faith
The first is the legalist, who thinks that by being righteous he's earning favor ..... God change His mind about saving us, but it can and does hinder our current relationship with Him. ...... The law of double jeopardy now ...... Satan, John wrote, The one who is in you is...
Nożl Piper ski
20 Sep 2007 ... singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, .... (Romans 8:35), and it is possible that she chose to hear that .... be brought to obey God.23 ..... their ten- year-old Jonathan Jr. to travel with an evangelist even further west on a ...
I'M BACK! What I learned from my journey to Guyana
I'M BACK! Join me as I take a look back at my journey to Guyana in an attempt to explore MY unknown years as a young Christian... Check out my Guyana playlis...

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