Proverbs 20:27 ESV

The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, searching all his innermost parts.

Message: Proverbs: That Men May Know Wisdom (Proverbs)
No other book of the Old Testament appears to be quite as difficult to outline as the book of Proverbs. Like the dictionary, it seems to change the subject with every verse. As a matter of fact. though, the book of Proverbs is logically and helpfully constructed; and if you note ...
God's Lamp - Daily Devotion
God's lamp shone brighter and brighter into the depths of my heart until I finally looked at the misdirected resentment I felt toward him for allowing my brother to be taken away in the prime of his life. I confessed: "Im so sorry, Lord, for being angry with you all of these yea...

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