Genesis 2:24 ESV

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

Seven Principles from Genesis for Marriage and Family
But in a sea of changing opinion on sexual mores, going back to the beginning provides a foundation for biblical teaching concerning marriage and family.
Marriage As It Was Meant to Be
Our entertainment-saturated society helps feed all sorts of illusions about reality. The fantasy of the perfect romantic and sexual relationship, the perfect lifestyle, and the perfect body all prove...
Marriage Redefined
Sooner or later it is going to happenyou are going to be challenged to act on your convictions about what marriage is.
What is the definition of marriage?
What is the definition of marriage? Why is the definition of marriage changing in modern society?
One Key Needed For God To Bless Your Marriage
Do you want God to bless your marriage, and turn it into something far better than what you have ever dreamed of? If you do, here\'s what you should do.
A Man of Many Wives
Does God Condone Polygamy?
What God Has Joined Together, Let Not Man Separate, Part 1
Jesus calls us to keep our marriage covenant in a way that tells the truth about him.
A Match Made in Heaven
Many women have the impression that the Genesis account of Adam and Eve imposed a humiliating, subservient role on women. Is this really the case?
Let Marriage Be Held in Honor
So-called same-sex marriage dishonors the partners involved and disregards Gods good design.
What does the Bible say about family?
What does the Bible say about family? What is so important about having a strong and godly family?
Sermon #4: THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE (The Exceptions for Annulment/Divorce and Remarriage) God hates annulment/divorce, because it causes unfaithfulness to th...
Our topics continue the Biblical concept of the Sanctity of Life based on Genesis 9:5-6. But we now extend the same regard for the value of life as God pri...
Dr Jason Lisle: Genesis, the Most Attacked Book of the Bible
Does the creation versus evolution debate matter today? Perhaps you have heard people say, With all the problems in todays world, we really shouldnt bothe...

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