Genesis 9:6 ESV

Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.

Is Capital Punishment for Today?
The death penalty is a barbaric relic of the past, according to our enlightened age. Is capital punishment for today? . . . Genesis has the answer.
The Death PenaltyWDJB, Not WWJD!
Once again the debate over the death penalty has become a major point of discussion in the United States and beyond.
Manny Pacquiao cites Genesis 9:6, other Bible verses in defending bill to reimpose death penalty in Philippines
World boxing icon and now Philippine Senator Manny Pacquiao defended his proposed legislation reimposing the death penalty during his first privilege speech in the Senate, citing several Bible verses to back up his contention.
Noahic Covenant and Nuclear War
The Noahic covenant seems to rule out the idea that there will be universal devastation before Christ returns.
A Letter to the Sniper
Christ Jesus is a great hope, even for the worst of sinners.
What Made It Okay for God to Kill Women and Children In the Old Testament?
John Piper defends God's right to give and take life whenever and however he pleases.
10 Biblical Realities to Consider About Capital Punishment
Christians should practice a biblical worldview about life and all the issues we encounter.
Why I Oppose Capital Punishment
Matthew Arbo explains why he opposes the death penalty.
What Should Christians Believe About the Death Penalty
What's a Christian view of the Death Penalty? - Headlines Episode 9 The authorities in Ohio are now considering bringing the death penalty against the allege...
LHFF - Genesis 9 (Blessings and Cursings)
Lighthouse Family Fellowship References for 11/25/2012 TeachingQuestions from the Study of Genesis 9: 1) Is capital punishment being discussed in verses 5-6?...
Genesis Message 28 God's Covenant With Noah
In this video Dr Woodhead discusses the Covenant that God Made with Noah so in Noah would all the people of the earth come from his seed. God blessed Noah an...

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