Proverbs 12:19 ESV

Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

What Does the Bible Say About Lying? - Spiritual Life
Dishonesty has become so commonplace in politics, in business, and in the world in general that it seems downright normal. But people know instinctively that they should tell the truth.
Speak Truth with Your Neighbor
If we walk with Jesus, we will be straightforward, open, and honest in all our dealings and in every relationship.
Do You Have Strong Feelings About Lying?
Ive asked this question on our Facebook page, Sunday, and got some strong responses.  Nobody likes it.  The Lord hates it. Talking about lying and...
Telling the Truth in Love 9-3-17
The word hypocrite ultimately came into English from the Greek word hypokrites, which means an actor or a stage player. " Greek actors in 100 B.C. wore la...

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