1 Peter 5:3 ESV

Not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock.

1 Peter 5:3 | Bible Exposition Commentary
1 Peter 5:3 ... Ezekiel warns of this kind of leader: You have ruled them harshly ... The people of a church are God's flock and God's heritage.
What are the limits regarding a Christian's submission to authority?
God\'s Word should be the final authority in our lives.
The Discipline of Submission
Submission means having the willingness to voluntarily submit to Christ and also to others in authority. Thus, we make a commitment and resolve to yield our will, mind, and body for God's purposes so we can better hear, receive, and obey His Word. It is a call to submit and a Dis...
How Pastors Win (and Lose) Our Respect
Good pastors and growing Christians arent afraid to ask themselves, Do I live and speak in such a way as to help others take Jesus seriously?
Biblical Eldership
Seminar Notes Preface What Does Church Refer to in the New Testament? The Importance and Preciousness and Purpose of the Church of Jesus Christ in the World All New Testament Churches Had Elders Eleven Biblical Principles Of Local Church Govern...
Manhood, Womanhood, and the Freedom to Minister
Manhood and womanhood are most fulfilled when servant-hearted men lead Gods church in ministry.
Peter: The Servant Leader
Restraint, humility, and servanthood arent obvious leadership qualities in the corporate world. Nor are they character traits that readily spring to mind for modern churches focused on growth and vi...
Church Members Must Keep an Eye on Their Elders
In a healthy church, one way members guard the gospel is by watching their elders life and their doctrine.

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