Romans 12:13 ESV

Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

Strategic Hospitality
Our homes and apartments should stand constantly ready for strategic hospitalitya readiness to welcome people who don't ordinarily live there.
Lesson 85: Generous and Hospitable (Romans 12:13)
Expository study of Romans: The mercies of God call us to be generous and hospitable.
Seek Out Strangers This Sunday
Many people in our churches simply feel lost, friendless, and disconnected. This Sunday, take some small steps to make welcome a part of worship.
Setting the Example, Part 1
People skills are invaluable in leadership. Imagine how difficult it would be for a man to lead if he was timid and indecisive. Or consider the wreckage produced by a leader who is arrogant and brash...
Lavish Giving, Loving Guests, Living Christ
Christs promise to meet all of our needs is what frees us from fear and greed and enables us to joyfully share with others.
Brick by Brick
Be Respectable and Hospitable
The number of people successfully masquerading as pastors astounds me. How do these imposters manage to carve out lengthy and prosperous careers, often in spite of obvious character flaws and an utte...
Hospitality Is a Commandment
One of the oddest passages in the New Testament is Hebrews 13:2, which charges Christians not to neglect hospitality since through it, some have shown hospitality to angels without realizing&
How to Invest in the Fellowship of Your Church
God wants us to use some of our money to encourage fellowship, to show love to other believers, and to build relationships. Anytime I give my money to God, it draws me closer to God. & Continue reading How to Invest in the Fellowship of Your Church

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