Exodus 23:9 ESV

You shall not oppress a sojourner. You know the heart of a sojourner, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt.

Strangers in a Strange Land
Were all sojourners on this side of eternity.
God of the Outsider
Loving the stranger is an essential trait of the Lords character.
What the Bible Says About How to Treat Immigrants and Refugees
Immigration continues to be one of the most politically polarizing issues in America. The topic of immigration policy has been a staple of recent presidential debates, and has even divided&
Can Christians support border security or open borders? | CARM.org
by Matt Slick10/31/2018What is the biblical position on borders and immigrants? Can Christians support open borders?
If a Christian says that he maintains salvation by being faithful, is he really saved? | CARM.org
Our believing is the work of God, and He grants that we believe.
9 Things the Bible Says You Should Do for Refugees
Many Christians are torn about the global refugee crisis, looking for the right response to love those in need while also providing protection from dangerous threats. So what does the Bible say?
Our Daily Bread Experience
Daily encouragement and inspiration to draw closer to God each day.
Our Daily Bread
New post series Message for the OPPRESSED and a WARNING FOR the OPPRESSORS
Exodus 23:9...thou shalt not oppress a stranger: for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt... Amen.. ...This speakin...
Foreigners, Strangers and Sojourners: PrayTV PGM May 9, 2019
Our special guest today is Daniel Montaņez, Director of the Mygration Christian Conference, taking place at Congregation Lion of Judah 20 Reed Street Bosto...
The Olympic Spirit of Hospitality
Full video http://vimeo.com/21617651 Pastor John Vansloten's blog http://www.newhopechurch.ca/jvsblog/ Pastor John's first book http://metallicaatchurch.org/...

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