Leviticus 19:11 ESV

You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another.

The Minister and the Dog
Bible Reading: Leviticus 19:1-2, 11 Do not steal. Do not cheat one another. Do not lie. Leviticus 19:11 A MINISTER ONCE saw a group of boys huddled around a little straggly-haired dog. He watched them for a few moments but couldnt figure out what they were doing. Finally, he wal...
What does the Bible say about vandalism?
What does the Bible say about vandalism? What does it mean to be a vandal / vandalist?
9 Bible verses to help you kick the bad habit of lying - that includes bending the truth!
If you\'re feeling conflicted about whether or not you should lie to someone, or you\'re playing down the lies that you tell on a regular basis, these nine Bible verses highlight why lying is a habit that we should all drop.
Roids, Noids, and Capitol Mistakes
The big boys of baseball traveled up to the peak of Capitol Hill last Thursday and slid down the other side looking like befuddled, conflicted men.
What God Wants You to Know about Money - Back to the Bible
that the LORD your God is giving you. James 5:4. Behold, the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, are crying out against ...
Leviticus: The Way to Wholeness
We must understand that we are the people of God today. What God said to Israel he also says to us, for in the new relationship we have in Jesus Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile; there is but one man, one body in Christ.
The Umbrella of God's Protection
Bible Reading: Psalm 119:1-6 Happy are those who obey [Gods] decrees. Psalm 119:2 TRY THIS EXPERIMENT the next time its raining really hard outside: 1. Select two friends to help with the experiment; it helps if one of your friends is not too bright (the reason for that will beco...
Leviticus 19:11 11 Do not steal.Do not lie.Do not deceive one another.
Leviticus 19:11 11 Do not steal.Do not lie.Do not deceive one another. Please share, someone needs to hear this. Thank you for listening and God bless you.
Quran 27.24-27 - Leviticus 19:11
... continued here : http://youtu.be/ry14faV22bA ----------------------------------------------------------------- "GOD!- there is no god but He!- Lord of th...
Thou Shalt Not Steal PT.1 * The Ten Commandments Series * Watchman On The Wall *
***** NYUSA ***** 8) Thou shalt not steal Pillage, rob, stolen, to steal, plunder, sackking, rape, taking some elses property without permission. Making a fa...

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