2 Timothy 3:17 ESV

That the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

Primer on Reading the Bible
God-pleasing Bible study deepens our experience of Gods love, resulting in deeper fellowship with him and greater compassion for people.
Daily Direction
The Bible is our final authority in more areas than our beliefs.
Can We Prove the Bible Is True?
Jesus Christ and His followers were fearless when it came to proclaiming Gods Word. What gave them such boldness and self-assuredness?
What should I look for in an accountability partner?
What should I look for in an accountability partner? Why is it important for someone else to keep me accountable in my walk with Christ?
How does psychology work with biblical counseling?
How does psychology work with biblical counseling? Are psychology and biblical counseling compatible?
How to Avoid the Comparison Trap
I first got sucked into the trap of comparison in middle school. When I entered sixth grade I didnt think too much about how I looked. I wore the same
Pastors, Teach the Truth and Expose Error
Pastors, we must be personally devoted to the reliable Word of God, so that we can teach the truth and expose error.
Four Marks of the Man of God
This is a notable year, this is the fiftieth year of Grace Community Church. This is half a century for this church. We will celebrate that a little more definitively in the fall of this year, but th...

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