James 1:4 ESV

And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

You're Probably Misunderstanding What It Means to Be a 'Lukewarm' Christian
We Christians use some odd terms. You know what Im talking aboutchurchy words like the aisle or the body and faithy phrases like on fire for God or backslidden Christian.
6 Signs You've Been A 'Spiritual Baby' For Far Too Long  And How To Grow Up
Spiritual immaturity can bring about problems not just to the person but to the people around that person. Here are six signs of spiritual stagnation that should convince us that it\'s time to grow up spiritually.
We Are Commanded To Serve God - Purpose Driven
21 May 2014 ... Study without service leads to spiritual stagnation. ... Peter addresses the importance of serving God in 1 Peter 4:10-11: Each one should use ...
8 Ways to Actually Deepen Your Faith
Have you been moving forward in your Christian walk? Or do you struggle to enjoy a real relationship with God? Too often Christians consider the act of salvation to be an
Frustrated Faith
You want to go deeper in your faith, but just can't seem to find the willpower or disciplineso you get frustrated, start to feel guilty, and ultimately give up. But
Reasons for Remaining Single, Part 1: Because of the World
Now this morning, turn again to 1 Corinthians chapter 7. We are, for our guests, happy to say that youre catching us in the midst of a most exciting and interesting study. Were going through the bo...
What does the Bible say about pain?
What does the Bible say about pain? What should be the Christian response to pain?

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