John 9:39 ESV

Jesus said, For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind.

John 9:39 | Bible Exposition Commentary
This chapter began with a man who was physically blind but who eventually saw, both physically and spiritually. The chapter concludes with ...
John: Who is this Man?
This gospel was written by the disciple of whom it was said, "Jesus loved him." John was the closest intimate of our Lord during the days of his ministry, so this constitutes a very important gospel.
John 9:40 | Bible Exposition Commentary
They arrogantly assumed they were people of spiritual perception. ... Spiritual blindness was the Pharisees' fundamental sin. ... John 9:39.
Three Blind Men
Dane Ortlund writes about rebellious human blindness and tells us that Jesus, the all-seeing One, is the only solution to this blindness.
Are We Blind Too? - Truth For Life
Like the Pharisees in John 9, we can fool ourselves into thinking we are spiritually wise. The Bible describes this as a hopeless situation. Our response to Jesus, which is required of everyone, reveals what we really think of our spiritual condition. Alistair Begg invites us to ...
Truth For Life - The Bible-Teaching Ministry of Alistair Begg
For many of us, the weekend provides a welcome respite from a stressful week. The problem is, it's only a temporary break.
Read the Same Biblical Passage from Multiple Perspectives
Vern Poythress, using one passage, shows how different complementary focuses of attention can increase our understanding and appreciation of the richness of God's Word.
A Light in the Darkness - Truth For Life
Satan has a deadly grip on all those outside of Christ. Tragically, spiritual blindness prevents people from realizing their need and desiring the cure that only Christ can give. Religious people who think they have it all figured out and have no need are in the worst predicament...
Are We Blind Too? Part B - Truth For Life
Eyesight is a remarkable gift from God. Just watch a colorful sunset or catch the smile of a loved one and youll agree. But according to Jesus teaching in John 9, our physical sight doesnt guarantee spiritual sight. Are you seeing straight?

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