Luke 9:1 ESV

And he called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases,

What is divine healing?
What is divine healing? What are the various meanings of the phrase 'divine healing'?
A Profile of a Christian Messenger, Part 1
Let me invite you to turn in the Bible to Luke chapter 9, Luke chapter 9. One of the really wonderful things about Bible exposition, going from passage to passage to passage, is you're not really in...
When Christ calls, He Commissions ~ Luke 9:1-6
This is a sermon on Luke 9:1-6, by Craig Ireland of Hope Reformed Baptist Church. It was preached on Sunday Morning the 14th of June 2015. For the audio down...
The Authority to Cast out Demons
Where does the authority to confront demons come from? Frank Hammond explains that Luke 9:1 tells us the authority comes from our identity with the Name of J...

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