Genesis 9:3 ESV

Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.

Is Smoking Pot A Sin?  Grace thru faith
Smoking, whether tobacco or marijuana, is not mentioned in the Bible. ... flood God specifically added red meat to our diet (Genesis 9:3-4) and the so-called fatty ...
Blog Category: Apologetics
In John 5, Jesus tells us that God the Father has given all judgment to the Son. ... based on Josh and Sean McDowell's book, Evidence That Demands a Verdict. ...... Peter, Apollos, Paul and Jesus all modeled or spoke about apologetics at some ...... Romans 8:1: There is ther...
Blog Category: Stuff for Teens
His standards and truth serve as healthy boundaries to keep us from the pain of ...... race, He commanded that they eat only fruits and vegetables (Genesis 1:29). ...... When Jesus and the apostles called upon a person to exercise faith, it was ...

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