Ephesians 5:18 ESV

And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit,

Marijuana to the Glory of God?
As America legalizes the use of marijuana, the question becomes inescapable: Is it permissible for a Christian to use pot for recreational purposes?
Is It a Sin to Smoke Pot? | Canada
On October 17th 2018 it became legal to smoke pot across all 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada. Some slight variations remain with respect to age limits and retail options, but in general it is now legal to smoke marijuana wherever it is legal to smoke tobacco and the purc...
What does the Bible say about recreational marijuana use?
What does the Bible say about recreational marijuana? Is it a sin to smoke or otherwise consume pot / weed / cannabis?
Five Questions to Ask Before You Consume Cannabis
Not everyone is tempted to consume pot, but most of us will be in a position to advise someone who is. Here are five questions to ask before you partake.
COMMENTARY: Marijuana Use Isnt Moral, Neither is Normalizing It
Ill start by laying all my cards out on the table: Im not a fan of recreational marijuana. Period. End of story.
Is smoking marijuana wrong?
My boyfriend smokes weed, but if he says he can stop when he wants to and only does it once in a while, is it still wrong?
Should a Christian work where alcohol and tobacco are sold?
Should a Christian work where alcohol and tobacco are sold? Can a Christian have a job that requires the selling of alcohol and cigarettes?
What does the Bible say about Marijuana / Weed / Cannabis / Pot? Is it okay?
Marijuana is becoming more and more popular in our culture, and with its increased prominence and possible legalization, it's something we get asked about qu...
Is smoking dope ok with God? Bible verses used in this video, in the order of presentation. (Taken from the New International Version) Romans 13:1. 1 "Let ev...
Don't Take the Myrrh | Mike Coker
Are ya wondering what's up with this smoking marijuana thing? We are! It seems everyone is running to something to escape, to hide from reality, to numb the ...

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