Proverbs 7:4 ESV

Say to wisdom, You are my sister, and call insight your intimate friend,

Got a brother or sister who's driving your round the bend? Here are 7 Bible verses to remind you of the preciousness of sibling love
Our siblings can drive us round the bend. Whether it\'s sibling rivalry  that never-ending battle to prove who\'s better  or stealing our things, starting with our toys and then working their way up to our wardrobe - siblings have a way of winding us up like no one else.
Beware the Power of the Spoken Word
My father once told me that prayer is like looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. "You're likely to get what you're asking for." I put flirtation and suggestive conversation with individuals other than my spouse in the same category as a loaded ...
HEAVENLY BEINGS | Say to WISDOM you are my Sister
Proverbs 7:4 - Say to Wisdom, Youre my Sister. And call Understanding, my nearest kin. According to the Book of Proverbs, the Spirit of Wisdom cries ou...
11 06 16 Sister Wisdom
If you are anything like me, then you have made some bad decisions in your life. We all have done things that we wish we could take back or do over. Fortunat...

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