1 Corinthians 7:8-9 ESV

To the unmarried and the widows I say that it is good for them to remain single, as I am.

But if they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion.

The Single Persons Good Desire for Sex
Single Christian, your desire for sex is not shameful or ungodly, but a gift meant to lead you to more of God.
1 Corinthians 7:8-9 | Bible Exposition Commentary
19 Sep 2002 ... The unmarried and widows are two categories of single people. The unmarried may consist of some who were previously married but ...
Masturbation/sex is a sin
1. 1 Corinthians 7:2 But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband. Hebrews 13:4 Let...
9 Bible Verses That Teach That Sex Before Marriage Is a Sin
9 Bible Verses That Teach That Sex Before Marriage Is a Sin Does the Bible teach that sex before marriage is a sin? A lot of people arent sure. This is beca...

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