Proverbs 29:2 ESV

When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.

How to Recognize a Foolish Leader
The right kind of leader, under the wise governing checks and balances constructed in the American constitution, will help guide our nation through the very precarious days that lie ahead of us.
9 Proverbs Every Voter Should Read
For pretty obvious reasons, this election season leaves many of us asking tough questions about the next president. Both major-party candidates represent some qualities and policies that simply run contrary
War in the Gulf: A Biblical Perspective, Part 2
As you know, last week I began a special series entitled The Biblical Perspective on the War in the Gulf, and I'm going to continue that series this morning. And then, because so much has come to li...
David Barton
700 Club Channel
When the head of the. KGB secret police, Yuri Andropov, became Secretary General of the .... being done in secret be shouted from the housetops' (Luke 12:3 )..
Hope for a Doomed Nation
The following sermon transcript does not match the video version of the sermonit matches only the audio version. Here's a brief explanation why. John MacArthur routinely preaches a sermon more th...
When The Righteous rule.
Proverbs 29:2 King David was a good leader. King Ahab was a bad wicked ruler. Thank GOD for good leadership. "Character without power is satanic."
Will God Impeach America? Pslams 80:1-19
Dr. George Ragsdale, Pastor, West Marion Baptist Church, Ocala/Morriston, Fl 32668 America Series #2: Will God Impeach America? Psalms 80:1-19 Here in Psalms...

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