Acts 3:19 ESV

Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out,

Repent and Be Converted
Looking in our study at Acts chapter 3 and I'd like to read for you verses 19 through 26. Acts chapter 3 in our ongoing study of the book of Acts we come this morning to verses 19 through 26. Beginni...
Repentance and the forgiveness of sins
Forgiveness of sins is the first step toward salvation and a meaningful life. Why is it so imprtant, and how do we obtain it?
Repent for Times of Refreshment, Acts 3:19-20
Devotional Moment from St. Matthew Lutheran Church & School called "Repent for Times of Refreshment" based on Acts 3:19-20 and featuring Pastor Timothy Kinne.
The Joys of Repentance pt. 1 (Acts 3:19-21)
August 7, 2016

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