John 15:18 ESV

If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.

John 15:18 | Bible Exposition Commentary
1 May 2018 ... The nation Israel formally rejected Jesus as the Messiah by attributing His person and work to Satan (Mt 12:24f). They hated Him as a matter of ...
Why Following Jesus Means Being Ready to Face Rejection
Being a follower of Jesus Christ means being ready to face the world, no matter what it may throw against you. We Christians aren\'t called to conform to this world and become loved by it. Rather, we\'re called to be separate from it, a holy people set apart for nothing and no on...
The World's Hatred
When high school senior Angela Guidry submitted a copy of her valedictory speech to school administrators, the principal demanded that she leave out one part. It was the sentence that read, &
Have You Ever Been Rejected? Let God Reaffirm You
No matter what size or form rejection comes in, rejection is rejection. It hurts us emotionally and can sometimes even leave marks on the soul that go on much longer than we\'d like.
Were Not the Ones God Has Been Waiting For
The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ
How Can God Love the World if He Hates Sin?
Since God has a hatred of sin, can He really love the world as the Bible declares?
Jesus's Least Popular Promise?
Followers of Christ want to be like Christ. And Jesus promised that if you want to be like him, you will be treated and viewed as he was. It occurred to me recently that there may be an implicit premise in some forms of Christian cultural engagement that believes we can do an end...
Is suffering for Christ always going to be a part of being a follower of Christ?
Is suffering for Christ always going to be a part of being a follower of Christ? Is suffering a universal fact of the Christian life?
Following Christ in Abundance and Affliction
Cameron Cole exhorts youth leaders to be honest with young people about both the blessings and burdens of the Christian life.
Protoevangelium Of Genesis
Article from RPM Volume 8, Number 34
'Rejection' John 15:18-16:4
A sermon by Duncan Forbes at New Life Church Roehampton, S.W. London
How To Face Rejection (Sermon Only) - John 15:18-26; 16:1-4 - Who is Jesus? - Pastor Jason Fritz
It may seem odd to hear Jesus tell His followers they will be hated by the world. After all, Christians have brought the world some pretty amazing things suc...
How To Face Rejection (Whole Service)- John 15:18-26; 16:1-4 - Who is Jesus? - Pastor Jason Fritz
How to Face Rejection 10/14/18 9:00am service Pastor Jason Fritz Guest worship leader Scott Mcintyre It may seem odd to hear Jesus tell His followers they wi...
"If the world hates you, keep in mind it hated me first". John 15:18.
via YouTube Capture: "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first" John 15:18. When we experience rejection, insult, ridicule, etc let us rem...
John 15:18-25, Pastor Chris Quintana
In John 15:18-25 Jesus tells the disciples how the world will react to them as they continue teaching His message here on earth. He tells them that His messa...
The Real Lords Prayer (Sermon Only) - John 17:1-5 - Who is Jesus? - Pastor Jason Friz
After giving His disciples final instruction and just before He is arrested and crucified, Jesus turns to the Father in prayer. John 17 contains the longest ...
The Stone The Builders Rejected ~ Luke 20:1-19
This is a sermon on Luke 20:1-19 by Craig Ireland of Hope Reformed Baptist Church. It was preached on Sunday Morning the 11th September 2016. For the audio d...
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