Genesis 1:27 ESV

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Racism Is More Than Just a Social Issue
Racism isnt just a social issue. Its a gospel issue. Racism undermines and rejects the very work of Christ on the cross for us.
Jesus Is Not Colorblind
When a person tells someone of another ethnicity, I dont see color, they might as well be saying, I dont see you.
The Great Debaters: Racial Hatred Disgusts God
The fact that injustice still thrives today disturbs me and Im pretty sure Gods not too happy about it either.
Racial Reconciliation
Let us be the salt and the light of our hostile and fearful society with courageous acts of inter-racial kindness and respect.
Racial Harmony and Interracial Marriage
Interracial marriage is not only permitted by God; it is a positive good. It is not just to be tolerated, but celebrated.
Should We Celebrate Interracial Marriage?
God is concerned with our purity of faith, not race. He never forbids marriage between ethnicities, but between believer and unbeliever.
The Reformed Faith and Racial Harmony
Where racial harmony doesnt flourish, the cross of Christ is dishonored and the sovereignty of God is obscured.
What does the Bible say about xenophobia?
What does the Bible say about xenophobia? What does it mean to be xenophobic? How can I stop being a xenophobe?

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