Leviticus 24:17 ESV

Whoever takes a human life shall surely be put to death.

What does the Bible say about stoning?
What does the Bible say about stoning? In the Bible, for what crimes was being stoned the punishment?
Contradictions: A Time to Kill?
Is it okay to kill, like David killing Goliath or Joshua eliminating Canaanites? Or is killing forbidden?
Deuteronomy 23:19, 20 19. Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury. 19.
Is Israel Always Right?
r some time Hamas, backed by Hezbollah and Iran, has been randomly firing rockets at civilians in Israel (thousands of them since 2005). Retaliatory strikes from Israel have been tricky
The Injustice of Social Justice
The besetting sin of pragmatic, style-conscious evangelicals has always been that they shamelessly borrow fads and talking points from the unbelieving world. Todays evangelicals evidently dont beli...
The Futility of Political Change
Another election year is upon us, and with it, renewed hopes of favorable political change. While you dont have to look hard to find cynicism about government and the electoral process, people of al...
Self-Defense, Murder, and Killing: What is the Difference? - Tim Conway
In this Ask Pastor Tim we look at: Is it Biblically acceptable to defend yourself or your family if violent, or even deadly, force is necessary? MP3: http://...
A MANS OPINION and Alternative Discipline Options : https://biblicalgenderroles. com/2015/10 ...Duration: 23:27 Posted: 30 Aug 2018

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