James 5:13 ESV

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise.

The Elders, the People, and the Prayer of Faith
James 5 is a rebuke to pastors that never have the faith to heal and churches that don't pray in the spirit of Elijah.
Prayer and Praise - Truth For Life
Often during times of trouble we do not feel like praying, and during times of prosperity we forget the God who gives us all good things. Alistair Begg shows us that instead, affliction should give way to prayer, and happiness should prompt God-centered praise. To respond in this...
The Main Ingredient in Effective Prayer
Prayer is effective, not because of great men who pray, but because of a great God who in Christ graciously hears his people.
What If I Dont Want to Pray?
Weve all experienced it: the prayer rut. What should you do when you dont want to pray? Here are three ways to help you enjoy, not dread, your prayer time.
The Power of Righteous Praying
Let's open our Bibles now for the study of God's Word to the fifth chapter of James...James chapter 5. The text for our study tonight is verse 13 through 18, James 5:13 through 18. And our study brin...
Does Prayer Spoil the Party?
Consistent Christians never want to exclude Jesus from anything they do.
James 5:13 | Bible Exposition Commentary
19 Jan 2001 ... James now turns from improper actions when a person is under duress and takes up two proper ways to deal with life: prayer and praise  two ...
When the Healing Doesn't Come
Click here to purchase this as a booklet. Trials: The Keys to Perseverance Any trial can be a joyous experience for a Christian if his perspective is right. Unfortunately, the anticipation ...
Does Jesus' teaching not to pray with many words contradict Paul's command to pray without ceasing? | CARM.org
Some have pointed to Jesus' and Paul's teachings on prayer as an alleged contradiction in the New Testament, but the two instructions actually compliment one another very well.
James 5:13-18 The Prayer of Faith
13 Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise. 14 Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the chur...
"The Prayer of the Righteous" James 5:13-20
Join us for our last section of our study in the Book of James at Gathering Stones Calvary Chapel with Pastor Dwayne Beavers.
Sermon: "Knees: Praying in the Name of Jesus Christ" from James 5:14-17
http://www.unlockingthebible.org/resources/sermon-archive/?series=the-anatomy-of-faith Pastor Colin Smith preached this sermon on praying with faith at The O...
ECGBC 12 2 2018 Prayer and Praise James 5:13
12.2.18 AUDIO and SLIDE TRANSITIONS Life brings so many different experiences from the darkest of valleys to highest of mountains that we often wonder how to...

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