Philippians 4:13 ESV

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

"Doing All Things Through Christ": What It Does and Doesn't Mean - Focus on the Family
Can I really "do all things through Christ?" Besides being a strong Christian, I'm young, full of energy, and enthusiastic about life. As a result, I have big plans and want to do great things for God. When I talk like this, my family and friends tell me I've got stars in my eyes...
Philippians 4:13 | Bible Exposition Commentary
Philippians 4:13 ... Whatever the Lord wishes him to do, God grants him the power to do. .... William, that you for your words of encouragement.
The Secret to Abounding | "I Can Do All Things . . . "
Winfree Brisley reminds readers that contentment or abounding as a Christian has nothing to do with our circumstances in this reflection on Philippians 4:13.
Lesson 27: The Secret for Contentment (Philippians 4:10-13)
Expository study of Philippians: The secret for contentment in every situation is to focus on the Lord--as Sovereign, as Savior, and as the Sufficient One.
Can I really do all things through Christ?
Can I really do all things through Christ? Does Philippians 4:13 truly mean I can do absolutely anything through the power of Christ?
Paul and the Philippians (high definition video)
Examines Paul's letter of hope and encouragement for the times of persecution and distress he and the Philippians faced.
What does the Bible say about strength?
What does the Bible say about strength? How can I be strong in the power of God?
The Secret of Contentment, Part 2
Lets open our Bibles to Philippians chapter 4 and return to our study of the secret of contentment. Were looking at Philippians chapter 4 verses 10 through 19 as a unit of thought in the mind of t...
4 Bible Verses That Are Constantly Used Out of Context
We have all seen those black and white Dust Bowl photographs. When we see snapshots of tired farmers looking on in despair as their whole livelihoods rise up and disappear&
Message: Philippians: Christ, Our Confidence and Our Strength (Philippians)
The letter to the Philippians has been called not only the tenderest letter that Paul ever wrote, but also the most delightful. It brims over with expressions of praise. confidence and rejoicing, despite the fact that this is one of Paul's prison epistles, written in Rome during ...

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