Matthew 7:1 ESV

Judge not, that you be not judged.

Judge Not?
Jesuss famous command not to judge is one of the most misused passages in the whole Bible. How do we restore judgment to an act of love?
Judging Others: A Closer Look at Matthew 7:1
One could easily argue that Matthew 7:1 is by far the most frequently misapplied verse in the entire Bible, used and abused by both Christians and non-Christians alike.
Sermon -- Bumper Sticker Jesus -- Only God Can Judge Me -- Matthew 7:1 -- 4/27/14
8:30 Traditional Worship 4/27/14
19 Sermon on the Mount / You Can't Judge Me / Matthew 7: 1- 6 / John Skaggs
Everywhere I go I see signs on cars that say, You Cant Judge Me, only God can! What they should say is You dont need to Judge me, God already has! We l...

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