Romans 8:31 ESV

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

All Things for Good, Part 2
If all things work for my good, then I will never be ultimately defeated in the cause of Christ.
Romans 8:30: Predestined, Called, Justified, Glorified
A promise as mind-blowing as Romans 8:28 needs massive faith-sustaining truth underneath it. Romans 8:30 lays out a process in which God exalts Christ by bringing ungodly people to glory. In this lab, John Piper offers assurance in Gods invincible plan of salvation.
Volume 2, Number 22, May 29 to April 4, 2000 God's Love for His ...
Will You Be a Believer Tomorrow Morning?
Christian, how do you know that you will still be a believer tomorrow morning? And every morning till you meet Jesus? Because God will see to it.
When God Himself Speaks to You
John Piper says that good news is so dense and so constant in Romans 8 and so vastly superior to all earthly good news that we scarcely feel the force of it until we take every verse of Romans 8 and restate it as the miracle it means for our lives.
The Challenges to Christian Invincibility
Well, we return to the eighth chapter of Romans tonight, this monumental chapter, and Ive entitled this brief little series, If God is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us? borrowing that from verse 31, ...
Matthew 1
The NET Bible, from
Matthew 1
The NET Bible, from
Faith Alone: How (Not) to Use a Reformed Slogan
No truth was more central to the Reformation that turned the world upside down 500 years ago: God justifies sinners by faith alone.
The Sweet Commands of God
If God is sovereign, we are secure no matter how perilous it is to obey him.

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