Acts 5:29 ESV

But Peter and the apostles answered, We must obey God rather than men.

Acts 5
How Signs and Wonders Helped Add Multitudes to the Lord. Feb 17 ... Obey the Government for God's Sake ... Scripture: John 19:11, Matthew 22:21, Acts 5:29.
Shall we obey God's Law or human law? |
The simple answer is that Christians are to obey human law except where that human law violates God's Law.
Obey God rather than Men (Acts 5:29)
A tough question has a simple answer. Click HD for best quality Learn more in this Recharge video. For more visit or http://www....
Charles Evans - Obey God rather than men - Acts 5: 29
Pastor Charles Evans first day as a Pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Sunday 11am Apr 03, 2016. Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church; 5425 Grierson St...

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