Proverbs 27:15 ESV

A continual dripping on a rainy day and a quarrelsome wife are alike;

Confessions of a Nagging Wife
You may not speak in tongues, but we all speak in tones.
Learning to Communicate Most every bride returns home from her honeymoon with stars in her eyes and dreams in her heart about the romantic road that stretches endlessly ahead of her and her beloved. I know I did. J
How a Wife Responds to Her Husbands Porn Addiction
Theres another side to the pornography epidemic no one talks about ... the spouse's response.
What does the Bible say about being a Christian wife?
What does the Bible say about being a Christian wife? What is being a Christian wife all about? What does a Christian wife look like?
Proverbs 27:15-16 Nagging Thoughts
#Nagging Thoughts on how the Proverbs 27:15-16 #contentious #wife reflects the nature of #God as a compassionate and just judge and our duty to remain #persi...
The Quarrelsome Wife Nagging Thoughts
#Nagging Thoughts on how the #quarrelsome #wife verses (Proverbs 21:9, 21:19 & 25:24) reflect the perfect nature of #God and our duty to repent of our #conte...
A Biblical Case For 2 Types Of Nagging
Nagging Thoughts on the bad and good types of #nagging according to the #bible. For more backstory and a full bible study, please check out the following vid...
Ephesians 5:33 Nagging Thoughts
Nagging Thoughts on how #loveandrespect are not supply lines in the #battleofthesexes. Episode Thumbnail photo credits: Pok Rie

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