Proverbs 27:23 ESV

Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds,

Lesson 3: Financial Faithfulness Can God Trust in You? (Selected Scriptures)
Expository study of Finances: Christians must be faithful in financial matters.
The Mess of Productivity
As many of us learn early in life, growth and progress are seldom tidy affairs. Just consider the raising of children. Diapers, the challenge of keeping a house clean when toddlers are present, disciplining teenagers ...
Budgeting Is a Virtue
Rachel Cruze writes about what the Bible tells us about our money and how God wants us to plan with our finances.
The Christian and His Finances
I dont expect to exhaust the subject that were going to speak about tonight, but just to introduce it to you. And Ive been very concerned in recent days over many of the things that are going on i...
Budget for Miscellaneous -- CBNMoney
Finances by the Book
Dealing with Emergencies -- CBNMoney
The Biblical View of Money, Part 4
Well, those of you who have been with us for the last few weeks know weve taken a little digression from our exposition of 2 Corinthians. Having ended chapter 7, which is the first great section in...
Leading a Team of Learners
Wealth: What does God say about making money, profit success, and charity?
Money is a wonderful servant, but a ruthless master. Recommended Resources: A Man's Guide To Work Spiritual Disciplines for the Man in the Mirror DVD Series ...

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