Leviticus 20:6 ESV

If a person turns to mediums and necromancers, whoring after them, I will set my face against that person and will cut him off from among his people.

What does the Bible say about channeling?
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Vision Church of Atlanta, Georgia has added a psychic medium to their staff. Rolling Out reports that ... (Leviticus 20:6). And Acts 16:16-19 tells ...
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... supernatural world via mediums, sorcerers, magicians or fortune tellers. (See Deuteronomy 18:9-14, Leviticus 20:6 and 2 Chronicles 33:6.).
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And Saul had removed from the land those who were mediums and .... that person and will cut him off from among his people' (Leviticus 20:6).
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Science fiction has always been a very effective medium for .... but play the harlot ( Leviticus 20:6 ) and become defiled ( Leviticus 19:31 ).
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