1 Timothy 5:23 ESV

(No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.)

Total Abstinence and Church Membership
Total abstinence may be the best way to treat alcohol today, but it should not be a requirement for church membership.
Prepare for Suffering Now
Personal suffering should not surprise us (1 Peter 4:12). The Bible not only promises it, it also teaches us how to squeeze as much Christ-exalting meaning out of our suffering as we can. John Piper explains.
Faith And Medicine
Several years ago a young boy died of an illness because his parents refused to call a doctor. They believed that to use medicine implied a lack of faith in God. After the boys death, they s&
What does the Bible say about healthcare?
What does the Bible say about healthcare? What sort of healthcare options can Christians consider? Is there a biblical method of healthcare?
Is it wrong to take pain medication?
Is it wrong to take pain medication? Should pain medication be avoided since it can be addictive and/or cause impairment?
What does the Bible have to say about holistic medicine?
What does the Bible have to say about holistic medicine? Is holistic medicine something that Christians can consider?
The Inclusive Secret to Life
No one is immune to problems in the areas of exercise, digestion, and dietnot even those in ministry. For example, consider a middle-aged minister of the gospel named Timothy, who was the pastor of a church in the busy, heavily populated city of Ephesus back in its heyday.
We Are Not Our Own: On God, Brittany Maynard, and Physician-Assisted Suicide
No matter what theyve told Brittany Maynard, we are not our own. These lives are not ours to take.
Should Christians go to doctors?
Should Christians go to doctors? Does going to a medical doctor demonstrate a lack of faith in God's healing power?
Does Medicine Impede Gods Plan for My Suffering?
Pastor John encourages Christians to seek the Lord for wisdom when it comes to medical treatment.
Alcohol Kills your DESTINY.MOD
To drink a glass of Wine or BEER as a Christian is not that bad (sometimes recommended for Medical reasons...1 Timothy 5: 23) but when you get DRUNK, the Bib...

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