Leviticus 19:28 ESV

You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the LORD.

Tattoos in Biblical Perspective
The question of tattoos involves more than law or culture. It touches the allegiance of our hearts.
Are Christians allowed to get tattoos?
In this day and age, a lot of Christians already have their bodies inked. But does the Bible approve of it?
Should Christians get tattoos?
We want to know how to live in the world in a way that\'s distinctively Christian, so is it okay to get a tattoo?
Is it Okay for Christians to Get Tattoos?
Are Christians allowed to get tattoos or not? Does God actually forbid it? What\'s the real answer to this question? Is there a real answer to this question?
Duggar family news: Jill Duggar gets tattoo, shocks fans
The tattoo was on full display in a snap with her adorable baby boy, Samuel.
Can Christians Get Tattoos?
"Without context and background this text can be taken out of context in many ways."
WHAT ABOUT Leviticus 19:28???
Under the Old Covenant Law, one must not have tattoos, or ink markings. Many that call themselves Christians today use that scripture against people like m...
Should a Christian Get a Tattoo? Leviticus 19:28
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What does the Bible say about tattoos / getting a tattoo? Leviticus 19:28 An Overview - Part 1 of 5
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Bring It On-Line: Tattoos
Like many people I have gotten tattoos, mostly when I was younger and not where I'm at with The Lord today. The Bible says to not mark your body. We all know...
What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos And Piercings?
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Are Tattoos Sinful? || Jefferson Bethke
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What does the Bible say about Tattoos?
Continuing with the "What does the Bible say about ____?" Series, Pastor David shares what the Bible says about Tattoos. Old Law: 26 You shall not eat any f...
Are Tattoos Okay for Christians? What's Acceptable? Leviticus 19; Verse; 28
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Should Christians Get Tattoos? | Permitted or Prohibited?
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