Leviticus 19:28 ESV

You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the LORD.

Tattoos in Biblical Perspective
The question of tattoos involves more than law or culture. It touches the allegiance of our hearts.
Q&A Friday: Is it a sin for a Christian to get a tattoo?
Does the Bible forbid tattoos for the Christian? Well the quick answer is no. The Bible does not forbid Christians from getting inked. Someone might say, but I thought somewhere in the Old Testament it said not to get a tattoo. The passage many refer to is Leviticus 19.28: Leviti...
What does the Bible say about body piercings?
What does the Bible say about body piercings? Is it a sin to get a body piercing? Are body piercings something Christians can consider?
Should You Tattoo?
Some people say "why not?" Others say "absolutely not!" Lindy sorts through the issues.
What the Bible says about earrings?
Tattoo's and Piercings | Ron Wofford
Ron Wofford preaching "Tatto's and Piercings" Check out more great products from Ron Wofford: http://www.kairosministries.com/ If you have a problem with the...
What does the Bible Say - About Piercings & Earrings
What does the Bible say (or not say) about piercings, earrings and jewelry? If you like this perspective please send in your comments. Also include suggestio...
What the Bible says about Tattoos? | Is Getting a Tattoo a Sin?
What does the Bible say about tattoos? Is it a sin to get a tattoo? Can Christians get a tattoo as long as theyre religious tattoos, or Christian tattoos? W...

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