Exodus 20:16 ESV

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Commandment #9: You Shall Not Bear False Witness. (Exodus 20:16)
Though this commandment was originally focused against perjuring oneself in a judicial trial, it certainly applies to lying in general. With the teaching of situation ethics in our public schools (the teaching that there is
What Does It Mean to Bear False Witness?
Starting lies about someone or spreading them is bearing false witness, a terrible offense in the sight of God.
Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness - Decision Magazine
The bearing of false witness indicts the heart of man.
22. The Sanctity of Truth (Exodus 20:16)
Introduction This past week, I was given a copy of an apocryphal memo from a superintendent of schools regarding Halleys Comet. It demonstrates how communication often fails: MEMO to Assistant Superintendent from Superintendent: Next Thursday at 10:30 a.m. Halleys Comet will appe...
Commandment 9Tell The Truth
Our Daily Bread Daily Devotions How prone we are to lying! ... The two Hebrew words used for false in Exodus 20:16 and in Deuteronomy ...
Nothing But the Truth
Bible Reading: Acts 5:1-11 You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. Exodus 20:16, NIV HAVE YOU EVER noticed the headlines of some of the newspapers in the racks beside the grocery store checkout lines? Alien spaceship found in New Mexico! (It was a four-seat plan...
Every reputation matters to God
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Exodus 20:16 The Ten Commandments accomplish many things at once. For one, they define human rights. You shall not steal, for example, means that every person has a right to his possessions. God says so. To steal, therefore,...
Why is "You shall not give false testimony" in the Ten Commandments?
Why is 'You shall not give false testimony' in the Ten Commandments? Why is it wrong to lie? Thou shalt not lie!
Is Lying Justified?
For those for whom the Bible is their final authority, there is no question that lying is never justified.
The Truth about Lying
There are times when it is hard for us to tell the truth. I am

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