Deuteronomy 31:8 ESV

It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.

A Word for the Lonely
Years ago, Roy Orbison recorded one of the great rock and roll classics, entitled, "Only
Only the Lonely
Years ago, Roy Orbison recorded one of the great rock and roll classics entitled, Only
Why Does It Seem No One is on My Side -- Not Even God?
Ever feel theres no one on your sidethat even God has turned his back to you? Have loneliness, frustration, and fear taken control of your thoughts? And maybe you feel your prayers have gone unanswered, that your pain is too much to bear, or even that youre undeserving of Gods lo...
Dealing with Holiday Loneliness
If the Christmas season is more of a lonely time than a happy time for you, take comfort from David's words in the Psalms.
Struggling With Depression? You Can Rely on These 9 Bible Verses Every Day
Depression is a storm that overtakes the souls of many. Its a storm that brings monstrous waves, huge swells, and at times makes you feel like you are going to capsize possibly drown.
How God Embraces the Embarrassed
Whether its a laughable underwear-on-stage experience (laughable later), or a deeply unsettling loss of integrity, embarrassment is a besetting quality of human life. It lurks and stalks beneath the surface of our circumstances, waiting to sink its teeth into&
When There Are No Words
The Lord is the only One who can offer true comfort. Although we cannot go back to the way life used to be before this tragedy, we must not allow this evil to thwart the victory God has in store. It's okay to be at a loss for words. When you are at the end of your ability to reas...
The Empty Finger
God's mighty power fills our emptiness and restores our hope.
All Alone for Christmas
Lets be real here. Christmas season is one of the loneliest seasons for many people, especially single people. In fact, it just might be the loneliest day second only to Feb. 14s Singles Awareness Day. With songs like All I Want For Christmas Is You and Lets Make A Little Christm...
When You Have Nothing Left
By Yvonne Ortega Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practioner We have nothing left, the woman told me. Absolutely nothing. She looked at the floor and shook her head. Her husband, Chip gambled

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