Matthew 6:34 ESV

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Do Not Be Anxious About Tomorrow
The pain of yesterday and the anxieties of tomorrow too often rob us of peace today. But God calls us to rest, trusting him with the here and now.
Three Steps to Living One Day at a Time | Australia
Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matthew 6:34) Ive spent a lot of my life worrying. Heres how it works. My mind, unbidden, invents a number of possible futures. I figure out how to respond to each one: If this happens, then & At some hidden level Im convinced that if I imagine and prepare for enough scenarios, I wont be surprised by whatever comes. Ill be ready. Better than that, Ill hold hardship at bay. Because how can the worst happen if you anticipate it? How can it...
Stephen Kellough | Matthew 6:34: "Do Not Worry About Tomorrow"
January 13, 2010 " For more 2009-10 Wheaton College chapel messages, visit Connect ...
Matthew 6:34 (One Day At A Time) - Bible Study with HSI - 30/07/2018

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