Ephesians 5:23 ESV

For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior.

For Husbands Only
Valentine's Day may be the one time each year that most husbands let down the macho exterior and actually demonstrate their love for their wives in tangible ways. You might shower your wife with flow...
What Does It Mean to Be the Head of the Home?
Male headship is a taboo topic for the world. Thats not a surprise in a society that has comprehensively rejected Gods design for the family. But even within the church today its a topic that ruff...
Ephesians 5:23 | Bible Exposition Commentary
9 Apr 2016 ... Verse 23 gives the reason why a wife should submit to her husbandthe husband is the head or leader of the home. This is the essence of ...
Lionhearted and Lamblike: The Christian Husband as Head, Part 1
What is the husband's role as head? What is the foundation of this headship?
What are the roles of the husband and wife in a family?
What are the roles of the husband and wife in a family? How can a husband and wife find the right balance of responsibilities in their family?
Lionhearted and Lamblike
Husbands should take the primary role in providing for and protecting their families.
What Is a Kind Husband?
If we are too accustomed to the phrasing of Pauls command to love our wives, it might help us to think of this central duty in terms of kindness.
What's the Difference? Manhood and Womanhood ...
23 Feb 2009 ... When my father came home he was clearly the head of the house. ..... (Ephesians 5:23), is not a leadership that gives to the man all the rights ...
What should be different about a Christian marriage?
What should be different about a Christian marriage? Is a Christian marriage immune to the problems other marriages have?
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
In fact, in a good marriage, leadership consists mainly in taking ..... to the church, which he sees mysteriously revealed in Genesis 2:24 and, thus, in ...... But think for a moment-because the virgin has never known a man, she is free to concern.
Sunday Evening | James: Faith That Works | Trials and Temptations
Handout: https://goo.gl/Hh73DG Service streamed live on August 26, 2018. ::Find Calvary on social media!:: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/cbctexas/ TWITT...
ABCs of the Bible F - Family (The Christian Home)
F- Family (The Christian Home) worksheet: http://1drv.ms/1KYlcAW Key Bible Verse: And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves this ...
23 Feb 2018 - 107 min - Uploaded by The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints... under organized leadership (Hebrews 13:17-18) and practices the ... Ephesians 5:23, 25 ...
King David the shame of Tamar
Psalm 3:1-8 David got to a place where he had no answers his own son Absalom wanted to destroy him Absalom felt David lost his place no ineffective remember ...

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