Luke 6:37 ESV

Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

Grace to You
For many people in the church, that simple slogan has become the kneejerk ... are diametrically opposed; that judgment is always a threat to our unity in Christ. .... not want to be held to their own rigorous, self-righteous standard (Matthew 7:2) .
I Was Wrong!
Some of us are quick to find fault with our fellow believers. In the name of encouraging or exhorting, we point out the sins and shortcomings of our brothers and sisters&
Frequently Abused Verses: Is Judgement Always Forbidden?
Love, dont judge. For many people in the church, that simple slogan has become the kneejerk defense in the face of criticism and confrontation. At some point, believers decided that careful disc...
I'm Right; You Must Be Wrong
22 May 2009 ... It doesn't mean that one person is right and the other wrong, yet sometimes we can ... We need to take care in judging others' thinking, motives, and actions because we too desire that kind of benefit of the doubt (Luke 6:37).
Is it OK for Christians to pass judgement? Nine Bible verses to help you find the answer
If you\'ve ever been confused about what the Bible says about the validity of expressing critical opinions about someone, how you should articulate your judgement and if you should articulate it at all, these nine Bible verses will provide you with a starting point for developing...
What standing for righteousness doesn't mean
In a \'go with the flow\' kind of world, Christians are faced with the dilemma of being salt and light while not being too arrogantly zealous for righteous living.
Jesus said 'Judge not...' So why are we so judgmental?
Somehow, in spite of Jesus' rather clear words on the subject, his followers have become synonymous with moralising and calling out the behaviour of others. However that happened, it's up to today's church to dismantle that view.
Pointers And Beaners
Some people make judging others their specialty. According to some century-old church records, a congregation in a small midwestern town in the United States appointed two officers in the church an&
Will Some People in Heaven Have More Joy Than Others?
The greatness of our rewards in the age to come correspond with the life of obedience that we have lived here.
Why and How Not To Judge - Luke 6:37-42
Jesus once again challenges the way that comes naturally to us and is modeled by all of culture. He challenges us to not judge other people. Judging is more ...
Judge others, Luke 6:37-41
Judge others, Luke 6:37-41
Judging Others - Luke 6:37-42
Judging others (Luke 6:37-42)
A message from Luke's gospel in our sermon series entitled "Follow Me". Preached by Roger Tanton on 15 May 2016. Our aim as a church is to point people to Je...
When Judging Others is Loving and Righteous - Luke 6:37-42 (5-3-15)
Most people believe Luke 6:37 and Matthew 7:1 are commands for Christians to never judge, but in looking at this passage we see that it is a command actually...
The Sin of Judging Others
The Sin of Judging Others Luke 6:37-45 THE BRIDGE Jesus' command not to judge one another is perhaps the most popular verse of Scripture in the Bible. But wh...

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