John 7:24 ESV

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.

John 7:24 | Bible Exposition Commentary
16 May 2017 ... 24 Do not judge according to appearance,. The religious leaders understood the Bible superficially. They took bribes and showed partiality but ...
Do We "Judge Not" or Not?
"There is perhaps no more oft used biblical verseand nearly always used wronglythan Matthew 7:1."
We Must NOT JUDGE people - It's NOT Our Job!
The scripture is very clear about being judgmental. As Christians we must understand that judging others is not part of the Christian walk. Jesus taught very...
Can Christians Judge? Matthew 7:1-5
Can Christians judge? Some have asked this question and others have taught on the subject, it is my hope that you go research the Word of God and look up the...

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