Proverbs 27:14 ESV

Whoever blesses his neighbor with a loud voice, rising early in the morning, will be counted as cursing.

11. Other Relationships
Neighbors may or may not become good friends. Whatever the ... Proverbs 27:14 gives an illustration of insensitivity that causes offense.
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Purpose: Spiritual growth through friendship Two are better than one, ... Romans 15:7 Accept one another, then just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring ... Proverbs 27:14 If a man loudly blesses his neighbor early in the ...
42. Jesus Before Pilate: Part I (John 18:28-38)
28 Then they brought Jesus from Caiaphas to the Roman governor's residence. ... than willing to put someone to death, without permission from Rome. .... in the morning, It will be counted a curse to him (Proverbs 27:14).
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What Hebrews says about Jesus' death will be immeasurably more meaningful to ... rising early in the morning, will be counted as cursing (Proverbs 27:14). .... sufferer, who then intercedes for and saves his stupid friends.
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