Isaiah 40:8 ESV

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

Message: Isaiah: The Salvation of the Lord (Isaiah)
Isaiah was the greatest of the prophets and a superb master of language. If you enjoy beautiful, rolling cadences and marvelous literary passages, you will enjoy this book for that reason alone. Isaiah is the fullest revelation of Christ in the Old Testament -- so much so, that i...
What the Bible Says About ItselfBook by Book
What God says about his Word is a deep, complex, and staggering thing. And each book of the written Word testifies to the wonder of his revelation. I decided to take a look, book by book, selecting a representative passage from each to highlight many of the things Gods word says ...
One powerful reason why we can hold on to God's promises
The Bible tells us that from the beginning of time until eternity, God\'s Word will never ever fail nor fall to the ground.
The Hope of the Gospel
The gospel is the good news that there is hope for sinners even the worst of us.
Who wrote the Bible?
Who wrote the Bible? Did God write the Bible? How many people wrote the Bible? If God is the ultimate author of the Bible, who did He use to actually write it down?
7. I Change Not
Change is one of the most threatening things many of us face in life, and yet we encounter it every day. The universe itself is changing. Scientists tell us that all observed systems are continually changing from order to disorder, and that every transformation of energy is accom...
The Bible: Who Could Ask for Anything More?
Erin Benziger will be speaking on the sufficiency of Scripture and some dangers of believing God speaks outside of Scripture at this years conference.

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