James 2:10 ESV

For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become guilty of all of it.

Are All Sins Equal Before God?
John Piper says consequences matter when it comes to weighing sin.
Are Some Sins Greater Or Lesser Than Others?
What is the right view of the individual gravity of sins? Are some sins really greater than others?
James 2:10 - One Or All?
Some people in Christianity will tell you that you can't keep the commandments and often use James 2:10 as their proof text. But that is NOT what James is sa...
Is All Sin Created Equal? NO! Sin with a Capital "S" | eXXXIt Book Talk | Chapter 2 | John Hammer
Welcome to the eXXXit Book Talk Series by author John Hammer. eXXXit is a book about freedom from pornography. It is full of testimonies, teaching and resear...

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