Isaiah 65:24 ESV

Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear.

V2 lesson 1 - Harvest: Greg Laurie
Pray unhurried prayers that are rooted in knowing and living in God's Word. Ice Breaker. What is the first prayer ... Jeremiah 29:1213. Psalm 91:15. Isaiah 65:24.
The World's Most Unwanted Man
The world's most unwanted man is alive today! He is not dead. In fact, He is very active in our times. He even has family here in New York City . Just the other day I spent hours with Him concerning this message! Many of you also know Him. Without a doubt the world's most unwanted man is Jesus, Son of the Living God!
Developing INTIMACY with GOD| TOP TIPS|PRACTICAL steps|Born again Christians|2017
Hey jewels I'm back with another video for my BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN SERIES. I hope it will be helpful Verses to check out : Psalm 63:1-11 James 4:8 Joh...

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