Romans 10:4 ESV

For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.

Counted Righteous in Christ
ity of the imputed righteousness of Christ for the justification of sinners. In response to a growing .... Christ for righteousness (Romans 10:4) will be more  suffi-.
How to Submit to the Righteousness of God
Are we teaching the Scriptures to make our children wise unto salvation through faith in Jesus Christ?
Romans 117b - Righteousness and Life
Righteousness and Life. Romans 10:4-8. October 3, 2013. Are you willing to take your chances that your good deeds are enough to satisfy the perfect righteous...
Don Fortner - Christ The End of the Law
Gospel Preaching by Don Fortner Text Romans 10:4 More Sermons at

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